Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun

1. She carry a gun to procted hersel from sexual assault.
2. When two young men discussed what they would do to her and her friedn after dark in a national park. When a car fallowed her and four men jumped out but she was lucky because a another car appeared a the men left. Other incident when a man with a shootgun was in her field, she asked him to leave but the man stared her and the muzzle of the his shootgun begon to rise. but he left.
3. To be equal in power as a man. because she had never shoot a human being. Yes she just have to move a city or a safety place.
4. When she was conviced to don't become a victim and she want to be more protect.
5. She need to be mental prepared to carried a gun because some people migh have work hard to convince themselves of their ability, and of the necessity and not turn into gunslingers.
6. She explain that carry a gun with intellingeces it can shift the balance of power and provide a measure of safety.


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